Inspiring Volunteer Story.


Volunteering With The Win Foundation
Written by: Yovonda Hunter

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Serving with the Win Foundation has changed my life for the better. I have always had a passion to help end extreme hunger and poverty. But, I just did not know how the Lord was going to use me to do it. Last year, I was invited to attend the When In Need Foundation Gala”Unlocking Potential Globally”, by my friend Roy R. Paul. It was a benefit event dedicated to supporting children causes globally. However, I did not anticipate becoming more involved, at the level I am now in serving with the organization. That night at the Gala, I fell in love with the Win Foundation and what the organization stands for, and what they were doing to make a difference in people’s lives. I knew at that time, it was meant for me to do more, and become involved with helping to change people’s lives from all walks of life. I will be honest since I have been serving with the Win Foundation, that sometimes I have felt overwhelmed “emotionally” because, it breaks my heart to see the living conditions that people are living in. To see people struggling to feed themselves, as well as to see families struggling to feed their children, and having their other basic needs met. This is why serving with the Win Foundation, is such a blessing. The organization, is always right there to help those in need, no matter where they have to go, they go. Whether, it be here in the local community, or another state, or even if they have to travel internationally, the Win Foundation goes. I can attest to this personally. Because, I too needed help from the Win Foundation, and they helped me, and I am a volunteer. My heart was so overwhelmed from the love, joy, and support that they have shown me. It almost brought me to tears. I am forever grateful for what the Win Need Foundation has done for me.

Another blessing, of serving with the Win Foundation, is the opportunity that God has blessed me with to meet other volunteers, who are warm, loving, and caring. This makes serving with the Win Foundation even more special. I would not change this experience of serving with the Win Foundation for anything. The work that they do is great, and very important. The best part about serving with them, is that they really appreciate you. The Win Foundation recently sponsored a “Volunteer Reception Dinner” for all the volunteers, just to say thank you. It really, was a special moment. I am “inspired” to continue to serve with Win Foundation, knowing that I am helping to make a difference in someone else’s life, and serving with great people.