What better place to host “Embracing Diversity Breakfast” than the Hilton Garden Hotel in downtown Philadelphia “The City of Brotherly Love” where Democratic National Convention was held from July 25th through July 28th . Not surprising that When In Need Foundation, a 501.c3 organization, a non-partisan non-political entity felt a need to host a networking breakfast to promote economic, cultural and civic inclusivity with about one hundred and fifty attendees. Just as DNC attracted over 50,000 people, from Democratic Party leadership, elected representatives to political consultants, activists, media of all shades and protesters. For Democrats, their goal was to affirm the choice of Hillary Clinton as Democratic standard-bearer for November 8 presidential election. But for thousands of protesters their goal is disrupt the orderliness of the process and create chaos and commotion.

From inception, When In Need Foundation strives to touch lives by building hopes while enrolling people in our vision, sharing universal love and restoring hope to children and families in need. Many in need face unspoken hardship struggling to make it under serious hardship. Therefore, convening a gathering of diverse experts in different fields to seek solution through dialogue and conversation makes sense. How can we leverage the resources under the caretaker of our elected leaders to help the forgotten orphans? Who has better idea about addressing how government resources can be used to care for the homeless and all banished to living in those hostels When In Need team visited London summer 2015. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Chief Ms. Chetachi Ecton, the goal of WIN has remained helping children and families in need globally.

WIN Embracing Diversity Breakfast panel discussion assembled thought-leaders, speakers from business, immigration law, LGBT and political world talking about how our world can become more tolerant instead intolerant. For all that we know, the schism and divide that undermine our ability to work together has to do with not being our brother’s keeper. We hate instead of loving each other.

More than one hundred and fifty attendees came to network, listen to an engaging panel with wealth of experience in their areas of expertise, on how to feed the children in the orphanages we visited in South America and homeless shelter and hostels we visited in Europe last year.

Speakers, panelists and participants arrived early and on time. Speakers were selected from a diverse field of society, Hon. Vanessa Brown representing the 190th Legislative District in Philadelphia, Ms. Chetachi Ecton the CEO of When In Need Foundation and ChiBase,  David Kaplan an Immigration Attorney with more than 20 year’s experience, Fiona Dawson Film-maker, writer, presenter LGBT and Founder of TransMilitary, Angelina Darrisaw International business and career coach, digital media strategist and Founder of C-Suite Coach shared  valuable information to empower not only those present, but information to help propel WIN mission in servicing children and families in need. were shown were shown video highlights of When In Need Foundation April-May missions to the Internally Persons (IDP) at Kuchingoro Abuja Nigeria camp, it took about two dozen health care professionals, medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, social workers and volunteer to serve more than 600 children and adults abandoned to life of squalor and destitution. Remembering the unsanitary and very squalor condition we witnessed at the camp sends chills and revulsion down ones spines. How can any government allow citizens to live in such ignominious condition is beyond me. For those who are entrusted with governance and custodians of society, is it not time to wake up and smell the coffee. Where are the compassion we should feel for fellow human beings.

To help make our world a better place, our team at When In Need Foundation continues to seek ways to help those in need with such support such as helping with grocery shopping for nourishment of families especially children, scholarship grant monies and educational supplies.