WIN Extends Charity to The Passage London



The WIN team presents to The Passage facility in London.


The team shopping for supplies.


The team leaving the grocery store


The team uniting for a cause.

On Wednesday, July 29, 2015 When in Need Foundation on Mission of Mercy to 4 European countries London, Paris, Milan and Madrid to help feed orphans, disabled, abused and homeless struggling to make it in our world. For one thing, humanity compels us to lend a helping hand to lift up the needy.
Under the inspiring leadership of Founder/CEO Miss Chetachi Ecton, a tireless fighter for children and families in need. When in Need Foundation has taken up the struggle of the needy and less fortunate vowing to impact any life one person at a time. Some have described Ms. Ecton as our modern day Mother Teresa, the legendary compassionate Catholic nun whose humility, caring and charity remain a shining example for humanity.
In London, United Kingdom, is not exactly a typical place for many to think that homelessness existed but does. The Passage to ending homelessness is the largest voluntary resource center catering for about 200 men and women on a daily basis. The aim of this wonderful organization to empower the homeless transition and transform their lives. The Passage has eight outreach workers who work tirelessly to locate the homeless late at night and sometimes early in the morning. Similar homeless outreach takes place every winter in New York City by the Department of Homeless Services.
When in Need (WIN) Foundation team visited the Passage 40 bed hostel that became operational in 2000 and donated an assortment of bulk food item- bulk supplies of cereals, sugar, dairy products, bags of rice, canned goods, meat, poultry and hygiene supplies that many take for granted such as bath soaps, sponges, lotions, tooth paste and brushes, deodorants were donated to the residents.
The cost to house the homeless at the Passage is about four million pounds a year out of which 40% is government allocated. The rest comes from comes from donations such as the one from When in Need Foundation, churches, charitable trusts, individuals etc.
When in Need Foundation global Mission of Mercy continues to impact lives of orphaned, disabled and homeless children to make a difference. Our common humanity tasks us to reach out and touch the lives of the impoverished for the better.
The impact of this mission of mercy outreach to the Passage Hostel in London can be felt in the emotion of the moment with tears dripping through the eyes of staff and those of us present as we continues to give back to those less fortunate than us.

WIN Foundation during her European mission of mercy trip stopped over at some tourist sites, famous of which included the Buckingham Place in the City of London. The City of London is well known for historic sites and landmark tourist areas such as Thames River, Trafalgar Square and Oxford Circus to name but a few. But the residence of the Queen of England is arguably the most known for any tourist. So naturally, WIN team of Founder and CEO Ms. Chetachi Ecton, Media Director George Onuorah and Chinyere ,Chioma and Kerume Dunkley and Neish Cunningham after a long hard day visiting the hostel for the homeless a few stops to take the marvels of Great Britain seemed like a welcome idea.


The photo illustrated the joy we felt visiting this historic site. During this visit we ran into one African tourists and his family whom incidentally was coming back from Milan EXPO that Media Director for When In Need visited during Mission of Mercy visit only a few days ago. Which meant reminiscing about the sites and observations about the EXPO and nostalgia about hope that many developing countries especially Africa have a long way to go in catching up with Europe in development and level of architectural opulence.